On First Impressions


Someone told me the other day about first impressions – "when you talk to someone new, do you go in knowing what you want them to leave with?"

Intors should not make me walk away feeling existential dread, but somehow I have a mild dose every time I have to intro myself. This question made me think more about how I present myself to the world. What do I share? What should I keep to myself?

I'm so scattered in my interests that I never know what to say when people ask me what I do or what I like. I'd much rather listen to what someone else is doing and just absorb.

I am:

  • an engineer
  • a community builder
  • a super connector
  • an experience planner
  • an explorer
  • a dancer

I am interested in:

  • privacy as a human right
  • building digital worlds
  • crypto
  • technology-enabled sustainability
  • psychology
  • sustainble scaling
  • what motivates people
  • social structures, social mobility, the ladders that people climb
  • structural inequality
  • education
  • culture and its impact on upbringing and beliefs
  • games and their impact on life performance
  • what success means
  • seeing how different people choose to lead their lives
  • nourishing strong relationships
  • creating environments for great conversations

How do I refine this list into a clearer personal story or narrative?

Thanks for dropping by :)

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