I'm not much of a writer or content creator, but sometimes I get into a mood. I throw most of my daily thoughts on Twitter. I consume a lot of content and track most of it on

Welcome. This is my digital garden, where I plan to write about random thoughts that consume my mind which could include tech, relationships, figuring out what to do with my life, playbooks and learnings. I previously hosted this on obsidian because the graph feature is so cool, but wanted something more lightweight. So now it's just a boring list. In a persistent state of existential crisis so I may write about none of these things.


I decided to make this after seeing some other digital gardens like Swyx's second brain, Bianca's digital garden and Jacky's personal site. I've honestly never been much of a writer, usually consuming written content rather than producing. I don't really expect anyone to actually read any of this. If you happen to stumble across something interesting here, I would love to hear what you thought!


Before I made this website, I published some resources/interviews/startup related content on other platforms.

Blockchain, Web3, Crypto 🚀

A library of web3 resources I periodically maintain.

Curvegrid Summer 2021 Intern Spotlight

A spotlight on Curvegrid's Summer 2021 intern cohort.

Opportunities for Tech Students Interested in Startups👩‍💻

Resources for students to get involved with startups and venture capital.

SoGal Waterloo: Founder’s Chat with Aileen | BeBlended

Chat with Aileen Agada, founder of BeBlended, a startup focused on the black hair care industry.

SoGal Waterloo: Founder’s Chat with Stephanie Mills | CodeGem

Chat with Stephanie Mills, founder of CodeGem.

SoGal Waterloo: Startup Stories Panel Recap

Panel with 4 founders - Alessandra Schlums, Aiman Aamir, Anna Wang, and Stephanie Mills.