Sad Girl Autumn (Hot girl fall) Retro


It's a sleepless night, so I'm writing this reflection. My roommates and I did a girls night dinner tonight where we shared our mid-Fall retros in Stop, Start, Continue format. We talked about the last few months and how we've changed, the nonsense we got up to and danced around the kitchen to 2010 throwbacks.


  • Letting the needs and wants of others drive my life
  • Stop being distracted. Be present. Do one thing at a time. I find myself checking other things when I'm in a call with someone, or even in real life zoning out on my phone sometimes.
  • FOMO. Stop going to events I don't want to go to. Stop travelling when I don't want to. Stop giving into FOMO.


  • Documenting my thoughts more. I keep finding myself wanting to look back at how I felt at particular moments but have no written evidence of how I felt. Writing leads to better thinking.
  • Being honest to myself and others about what I want and set healthy boundaries
  • Taking more dance classes, make time for physical activity - I feel the most alive when I'm moving regularly but have not been priotizing this enough
  • Check in with friends and family more. I haven't been as engaged as I should be with people that aren't in my immediate vicinity.


  • Respecting my own time more. It's ok to say no to things that I don't want to do.
  • Spending intentional time outside - reading on the roof, taking long walks, getting off my laptop for extended periods of time
  • Sleeping early. It's almost 4 am as I am writing this but in for most of the last few months, I've slept before midnight.
  • Carving out time every day to listen to music, play music, practice guitar - it brings so much joy to my life.

A tweet that I can't get out of my head recently is this one by Isabel <3

wanting to work so hard you feel the need to keep your drive private because it feels like ‘too much’ is a really exciting feeling

Make a wish. It's 11/11

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